Third Party Manufacturing

Shelmak Lifesciences features some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, which help us maintain a high level of product quality and become the leading platform for third-party manufacturing. Our superior manufacturing infrastructure ensures that our products consistently provide the finest efficacy and also help the growth of the Indian pharma sector. Also, in our production facilities' a tightly regulated atmosphere ensures that our products meet all quality standards, and we can provide them in bulk form. Also, because of our strong manufacturing infrastructure, we are able to keep ahead of the competition in terms of product availability. If we talk about the various types of our products, we provide more than 250 product types, including lotions, soaps, energy drinks, drops, gels, syrups, shampoo, etc. They are all GMP, WHO, and ISO-approved.

Some quality features of our third-party manufacturing:
1. Modern manufacturing plants

We have cutting-edge production facilities and a dedicated research and development staff that is always inventing new products and upgrading existing ones. Furthermore, our company's quality and innovation team establishes stringent standards for all of our pharmaceutical ranges and ensures their safety and efficacy. Therefore, all our products are clinically 100% approved.

2. An array of products that is both safe and effective.

A comprehensive variety of products is developed in a safe manner to satisfy the needs of clients while adhering to high industry standards. All of our products are always carefully examined for a wide range of healthcare concerns. Furthermore, they have always been proven to be beneficial in the treatment of both severe and common health problems.

3. The name of a well-known pharmaceutical product-making firm

In the pharma and healthcare sectors, our company has long been well-regarded because of the quality and price of its products. Furthermore, we positioned ourselves as the world's leading brand. As a consequence, the country's leading healthcare and medicinal product professionals recognized and authorized our products.

4. Fast delivery

We understand the importance of our clients' time, so we send all of our pharmaceutical products to them quickly, wherever they are in India or around the globe. Because we now have over 200 distributors across the world. Furthermore, the company's dedicated delivery staff oversees the entire operation so that our consumers receive their products as soon as possible.